July 30, 2008

One Pint of Blood is a Small Price to Pay

So I was at Shea today to donate blood in exchange for Mets tickets. And, okay, doing this two years in a row makes it harder and harder to successfully sell the idea that I'm in it for the interesting material, as opposed to because I'm so cheap and broke I'll literally sell my own blood for baseball tickets. Plus, afterwards I stood up too fast and got kind of dizzy, so I had to stay at a table in the Diamond Club for seemingly an eternity drinking apple juice like a complete wuss before I could stagger back onto the 7 train. But it was all worth it, because:


On the way in, I passed Fred Wilpon, though he was already past me before I could gather my wits to ask him a hard-hitting question about the trade deadline. Or even a soft-hitting question about the Burger Shack opening at CitiField next year. Anyway, the New York Blood Center organizers asked him if he wasn't donating -- and by the way, those guys are fucking relentless, with endless streams of emails and letters and calls; never, ever owe money to an NYBC employee -- and Wilpon told them he had to keep his head clear for the big meeting he was heading to. Which sort of piqued my interest... but, ultimately, not nearly as much as seeing Mr. Met did. So, sorry guys: I have no scoop for you, because I was distracted by a huge felt anthropomorphic baseball, and by apple juice.

Couple of recent Bronx Banter posts you may have missed, by the way, here and here; the first is a Walter O'Malley rant and the second talks about the Yankees' Farnsworth-Pudge Rodriguez trade, for those of you who might be interested.


Anonymous said...

Who's the guy in the pic? His head is so white, it looks like they drained a couple quarts out of him.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha the NYBC employees should be working for the mob as loan sharks. They are ruthless. I am so glad I got a tattoo; now they will leave me alone for awhile.

Madonna said...

I think Mr Met is looking down your blouse.

I love when they put a freaked out Mr Met on the cover of the Post.

yfib said...

cody ransom was just called up!!!!

Michael said...

Anthropomorphic baseballs shake me up, too.

Predominantly, I think the Mets' troubles have predominantly come from the recurrent writing of "M. Andersen" on the lineup card.