April 27, 2009

Baseball Player Name of the Last Sixth Months

Yefri Carvajal.

Yeah. You know I'm coming out of retirement for that one.

Yefri is a Padres prospect, currently playing for the high-A Lake Elsinore Storm. And I had no idea there was a town in America called Lake Elsinore -- which is awesome, though now that I think about it that's actually kind of an unsettling name to pick, given what went down at Elsinore.

I hope the Padres won't bury a name as great as Yefri Carvajal in A-ball for too long. But of course there is no baseball player name either good or bad, but thinking makes it so...

Meanwhile, I have a recap of last night's Yanks-Sox unpleasantness up at the Banter.


Baylink said...

Amazingly, I *did* know that, even though I've never been to New York.

(See what you get for linking your blog from Sepinwall's? :-)

Alberta Rencontres said...

Yefri Carvajal, like Domoromo, was a legitimate power-hitting RF international free agent prospect… Unfortunately, Yefri has shown us enough (1053 AB hitting .270/.307/.379) to make us think he is no longer a top prospect. In fact, he was recently demoted from High-A back to Low-A. On the other hand, the system is weak in players who profile as RF and who are already playing there and Carvajal’s power, range, and arm strength merit inclusion on this list.

Anonymous said...

I knew my Rangers had to be doing something right when I woke up one day and found Saltalamacchia on the roster!!