September 23, 2009

Baseball Player Name of the Week

In honor of the Yankees' recent hard-earned series win in Anaheim, I scoured the roster of the Angels' AAA team, the Salt Lake Bees, to bring you this week's Name:

Catcher Flint Wipke.

I know you'll all join me in my earnest hopes that this young man eventually makes it to the majors. On a side note, has there ever been a less appealing Minor League team name than the "Salt Lake Bees"? I mean, two things in this world that I really don't care for: dry laws and stinging insects.

Anyway, my Yanks-Angels recap is up at the Banter for those who are interested; I'm still working on a Mets post but it feels increasingly futile. What is there to say?


unmoderated said...

Flint is an impressive name, but that might be the GI Joe fan in me.

Excited about the book - i'm off to preorder.

Emma said...

Hey, thanks, unmoderated! I believe it's currently #1,868,809 on Amazon. With a bullet.

I should probably stop checking that number for at least a few months...

Tom_Fishman said...

Couldn't help but giggle when I read ''tossing pure junk.'' I'm a five year old. But I just ordered a copy of your book so you can't be mad.

Anonymous said...

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