August 15, 2009

Back in Black

Okay, okay, time to get this baby going again. I've been posting on the Banter all season, once or twice a week, but I fiiiiiinally finished my book (out March 16!), and I guess I ought to have my own online space again. The Banter's great for all things Yankee-related, but god knows there's enough to talk about with this year's Mets, and elsewhere in baseball too, and the occasional movie or TV review and yes, eventually, some book promotion (but I will certainly try to keep that to a minimum, or at least be as un-annoying as possible about it).

Anyway, I have a post on the Banter on last night's Yankees win. They're 30 games over .500 and, for the moment anyway, almost on cruise control. Being a pessimist I realize this does not preclude them from losing in the first round of the playoffs again, but even I'm not so glass-half-empty as to think they won't at least get to the playoffs.

I'll be in England next week visiting a friend, so I suppose it'll be August 26th before I can really get back to a regular posting schedule here, but I figured I might as well get started over the next few days.