May 12, 2008

Kei Igawa III: Updated

With many, many thanks to "unmoderated", clearly the best commenter in the world:

So, I was right! Well, not about Kei Igawa deserving another chance, but about how I'd regret/deny ever having said that he deserved another chance.

The Yankees continue to treat .500 like a soft, warm bed on a cold morning. They're four games back of Boston, which is nothing to stress over in May, but they're also still two and half behind Tampa Bay, which I find disturbing. (I know at some point -- one day soon -- I will have to accept the Devil Rays as a legitimately good contending baseball team, but I'm not there yet). And if Sunday's game hadn't been rained out, Derek Jeter was going to bat 4th. I know batting order doesn't actually have much effect on the outcome of games, statistically speaking... but, with all due respect to Captain Intangibles, I really, really miss Alex Rodriguez.

Across town, the Mets are doing a little better, and they're tied with the Phillies for what I choose to think of as "real first place". (I'm ignoring the Marlins, because they will resume sucking by July at the latest). The Mets have a few positive signs recently -- yeah, what else is new, but still -- and I have to add my voice to the chorus apologizing for having underestimated Ryan Church. He's been one of the Mets' best hitters, he plays very good defense, and he hasn't even had to apologize for any "remarks about Jews" yet; excellent signing all around. 

Anyway, I've been on jury duty for the last week and am heading back there bright and early tomorrow, but should be back on schedule when this trial is over. (It's actually a murder case... and I'm not allowed to talk about it yet, but when it's done, I'm totally going to try and find some awkward and unlikely way to tie it into baseball, so I can write about it).


Anonymous said...

I love it when people dismiss teams other than the Mets and Yankees. As if the baseball universe revolves around New York. While I don't expect the Rays and Marlins to be there in September either, it's not a God given right that either NY team makes the playoffs. You know, because both teams are stumbling around means that maybe they are just not that good this year.

Emma said...

Anonymous, I was kidding about my inability to accept the Rays as a good team -- they've been bad for so long, and I haven't stopped thinking of them as a joke. But obviously they are, in fact, becoming a real contender. That was my point.

The Marlins seem to be playing way above their level, though, based on what you'd expect from that roster. Just my opinion, obviously, and I may be wrong... I often am. We'll see.

unmoderated said...

right on.

the next one will be much better.