November 02, 2009

One More for the Money; Also Facial Hair

My writeup of last night's game is up at the Banter.

In other vitally important news (via Rob Neyer), I am quite pleased to see that Diamondbacks reliever Clay Zaveda - who also has a fine baseball name - has won the American Mustache Institute's coveted "Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year." It is well deserved. The Phillies and, especially, the Cardinals, among other teams, could learn a lot from this guy about proper facial hair technique. (Last night a friend of mine expressed the opinion, unprompted by me, that Jayson Werth "looks like a human rattail").

To summarize:

This is how it's done.



Absolutely not.



Jason said...

With a name like Zavada and a moustache like that, he should be a conquistador.

Henry Hill said...

This isn't about facial hair but I didn't know where else to ask this question. I've asked a number of people and they mumbled some unconvincing explanations, so I decided only you know the answer: why was Joba Chamberlain the winning pitcher two nights ago? As far as I can tell, when he came into the game the Yankees were ahead and when he left, there was a tie. Basically he served up a home run. So how could he be the winning pitcher? If you can explain this I will buy two copies of your book! Thank you...

Anonymous said...

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