November 18, 2009

Ranking the Yankees By Best Dog Name

... That would be the title (and purpose) of my new post at Bugs & Cranks. "Melky" is #1, of course, while "Chad" came in dead last. Terrible name for a dog, Chad.

If you only read one analysis of the 2009 Yankees, don't make it this one. But if you read dozens of them, you might consider it.

This train of thought was sparked by Brian at Random House, whose own dog, Goose - as in Gossage - was once personally petted and complimented by Derek Jeter on the Upper East Side. My dog came with the name Pearl, and it suits her; but left to my own devices I might have come up with something a bit different, and quite possibly baseball-related. So it's likely for the best that I didn't get to make my own pick, or I might spend my mornings in Prospect Park calling for Bris Lord ("Human Eyeball, come! Come here, girl!").

If something exciting doesn't happen soon this offseason, I'll do the Mets next.


David Pinto said...

One of my neighbors named their new golden retriever puppy Jeter.

Jason said...

This is a great sports blog you have here. I have two sports blogs myself. I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around. We sports bloggers have to stick together.

Let me know if this is possible.


Schruender said...

Melky is the best name for a dog no doubt. I would also think that the name "Pet it" would get some respect though...

Anonymous said...

I had a dog as a kid named Yogi after Yogi Berra. He was a black lab/retriever mix and when we first got him I was throwing a tennis ball to him in a little alcove in our house and progressively throwing harder until I was whipping that thing and I couldn't get it by the dog and he kept catching it clean. My father said 'That dog would make a pretty good catcher' so we named him Yogi.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I named our New Yorkie terrier BAMBINO. It was the wifes idea.She always takes the credit for the naming him. I wish I would have thought of it.