March 07, 2007

Good Night Sweet Blog

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

As you've probably noticed, Eephus Pitch has been dying a slow death for a while now. Writing for the Voice full time made it tough to keep up, but I just started a sports blog for their website... and that's made it redundant. See for yourself:

To everyone who read this site, thank you. I've loved hearing from you and I hope you'll follow me over there -- yes, all 8 of you. The blog is going to cover all sports, but the main emphasis this summer will be baseball, because, well, that's my thing. I'm in Port St. Lucie for the Mets' spring training right now, and I'm heading over to the Yankees this weekend.

So stop by, check it out, tell your friends, and leave some comments, because it's a little empty over there. And of course you should still feel free to email me (ekspan [at] gmail [dot] com). I'm going to leave this site up -- who knows, I may want to bring it back someday. But for now, please turn off the lights on your way out... and thanks again.


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