March 24, 2007

No, No, That's A Typo. You Meant P-A-V-A-N-O, Not W-A-N-G.

Well, that didn't take long... the Yanks sustained their first major injury yesterday as Chien-Ming Wang pulled a hammy. I know I said I wanted to see Jeff Karstens on the major league roster, but this isn't what I had in mind.

Because of all the April off-days, though, the Yankees will only need their fifth starter once or twice before Wang gets back. In the scheme of things this isn't too big a deal, assuming that everything heals right (not always a given with a hamstring - remember Cano last year?). And true, Mussina didn't look very good in his start today... but just keep chanting "it's only spring training" over and over again, until you feel calm and centered.

In other news, Brian Bruney and Kyle Farnsworth have shaved their heads. Can't hurt, I suppose.

Over in Port St. Lucie, Chan Ho Park threw three sharp innings today for the Mets today -- but was pulled before the fourth, which can't be a good sign. The Mets are apparently saying there's no injury, so what's going on? Guess we'll find out later. On the bright side, Joe Smith was very impressive, again, coming on in relief.

Random fact of the day: apparently, the Kansas City Royals have a prized pitching prospect named Billy Buckner. Awesome. What could possibly go wrong?

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