May 09, 2007

Jose Reyes and the 24 Baldoons

You know, Mets fans and reporters, and even players, keep saying the team "isn't clicking." Listen, your team is 21-12, tied for first, with one of the lowest team ERAs in the National League. Having watched the Yankees closely throughout April, let me tell you: the team is clicking. Yeah, yeah, I know, Delgado's not hitting, Franco is injured, whatever. Until you've watched Chase Wright's consecutive home runs ,and Kei Igawa, and Phil Hughes' hamstring, and Jeff Karsten's freakishly broken leg, and Doug Mientkiewicz in the same lineup as Miguel Cairo and Wil Nieves... you don't know from "not clicking".

Anyway, the Mets all shaved their heads in solidarity before Tuesday's game, for no particular reason except, apparently, general unity and amusement. Awesome. David Wright started it Monday night, and everyone else followed the next day, with Carlos Beltran in charge of the clippers. Even some of the coaches and trainers joined in. The only holdouts were Tom Glavine and Aaron Heilman, who submitted after the game (a seven-inning, one run gem good for Glavine's 294th win); Aaron Sele, who has a family portrait scheduled today; and Jose Reyes, who is too fast to be caught and whose style probably took a long, long time to cultivate. I'm sort of torn here between berating Reyes for not just joining his teammates, and respecting his self-confidence and stubbornness in holding out, because you know that must've been a whole boatload of peer pressure to withstand. I think I'm going with respect.

Incidentally, this look turns out to really suit Moises Alou. Not everyone was so lucky.


Benjamin Kabak said...

Considering Jose Reyes' season numbers, I say don't change a thing. Wouldn't that be like pinch running for a hitter while you're pitcher's working on a perfect game....?

Emma said...

Ha. Keith Hernandez made the same point about John Maine, who was 5-0 with a microscopic ERA. And he was dead serious, couldn't believe he'd done it. Maine pitched pretty well yesterday though -- although he left with the Mets trailing and didn't get the win. Hmmm...

Al said...


remember last year, all those pop psych pieces on how the Mets had sooooo much better Chem than the ARod-angsted Yankees.

I blame David Wright. He jinxed himself by saying "women are like drugs, they're a distraction," in a spring edition of New York mag. Really, if women are like drugs, than I am at risk for polypharmacy.

* Don’t you dare touch that scalp!!