May 30, 2007

Emergency Moratorium On "-Rod" Puns, Effective Immediately

Ah, the New York Post! You almost have to grudgingly admire their total lack of scruples. Unless, I suppose, you're Alex Rodriguez. I really don't believe his private life is any of our business... but, that said, you're a world-famous multimillionaire and you decide it's a good idea to take your mistress out for a night at a strip club? I don't know where to start.

His shenanigans worked out well for the Yankees last night, though, as he shouted something -- "ha" or "mine," depending on who you believe -- that caused the Blue Jays to miss a routine pop up. I posted about it at Yanksfan vs Soxfan.

Here's a slightly more coldblooded instance of playing fast and loose with the rules, via the Cheater's Guide to Baseball blog: while his teammate Ryan Freel was unconscious in the outfield after their nasty collision, replays show Norris Hopper ran to his side and, while the ump and trainers were running out to check on this possible head injury, slipped the ball back into Freel's limp glove, so that the Pirates' runner would be called out. Wow. Now that's chutzpah... but also, kind of borderline depraved indifference. Quick thinking, though, you gotta give him that.

The video of all this, available here, is tough to watch because it's a legitimately scary collision... but, now that we know Freel is fine, I think it's okay to be amused by the Reds' announcers:

Announcer 1: "What an effort by the little guy."
Announcer 2: "Oh my."
Announcer 1: "They're bringing out the truck."
Announcer 2: "Oh my."
Announcer 1: "The last thing you want to lose is that little guy."

I kind of want to move to Cincinnati now.


Al said...

Phew! I’m sure glad the Yanks didn’t blow this one.

I’m stomping my feet like a little kid. I haven’t been this excited since Billy slugged Reggie and called George a "convicted liar" !!

The hilarity continues: Da Daily News reports C-Rod split and they all but call him “patron-zero.”

Not to be out snarked, the Post quotes a working girl who complains about the size of ARod's…uhhhh… ummm... contract. Priceless! Everybody hate’n on his Benjamin’s.

Questions have been flying: “will this be a distraction” “who is she” “why did the Post do it” “will ARod opt out, for sure” “community property vs prenup” but what I am concerned about is how will this damage ARod's career as a children’s author?

* Dailyicious Cover

p.s. isn’t paramour a better word than mistress? To paraphrase Crocodile Dundee, that’s not a mistress, this is a MISTRESS

Al said...

opps. I almost forgot the '86 Billy-Ed Whitson cage match (no, really).

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