June 26, 2007

.500 Baseball: Dream The Impossible Dream

Unofficial Jewish Baseball Week continues, as Shawn Green hit a game-winning home run last night to beat the St. Louis "These Guys Won the World Series? Of What, Poker?" Cardinals in the 11th inning. (You heard it here first: look for good things from Scott Schoeneweis tonight.) MetsBlog links to a nice ESPN photo of the ensuing scene at home plate: see, Paul Lo Duca has crazy eyes when he's happy, too, not just when he's filled with uncontrollable rage.

The Yanks begin a series with the Orioles tonight, a team so depressing that watching even a few of their games may very well leave you contemplating the emptiness and vastness of space from the fetal position. Meanwhile, all I ask of the Yankees, at this point, is that they make fewer than three errors, allow fewer than four stolen bases, and don't get picked off. Baby steps.


Anonymous said...

I think the Yankees gave you everything you asked for, but you forgot to ask for them not to walk in the winning run (again!). That's all I ask. Next time, I'd rather see a grand slam than a walk.

Emma said...

Yes, it didn't even occur to me to ask for that. Just goes to show you that as low as my standards were, they were not low enough...

Also, uh, forget what I said about Scott Schoeneweis.

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