June 12, 2007

Baseball Player Name of the Week

As brought to my attention by astute blog reader Sam: White Sox 3B coach Razor Shines.

To be fair, the Salisbury Post already dubbed this The Best Name In Baseball, back when Shines was managing the Kannapolis Intimidators (another great name). He only played in 68 major league games over four years, during which time he got exactly one extra-base hit, a double, for a slugging percentage of .198. But he did once single to break up a Dennis Eckersley no-hitter. Sadly, Razor is technically his middle name.

Runner up: Sox bullpen coach Art Kusnyer. I don't know... Art is just a funny name. And according to his official White Sox page, his nickname is Cave.

By the way, listening to Mike and the Mad Dog try to parse the Sopranos finale is making my entire day.

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