June 22, 2007

Three Thousand Years Of Beautiful Tradition, From Moses To Sandy Koufax...

I have a recap of last night's Yankee game up at the Banter. I watched today's too, but let's stick to the short version: bleargh. As for the Mets... oh, hell, you don't really want a recap of that game, either, do you? I miss the Cyclones already.

The Mets' slump is devouring everything in its path and expanding exponentially, like the Blob. Sure, the fact that the Braves and Phillies have been nearly as bad means the Mets are still in first place, against all the odds, having won just four games all month... but though I still think they'll eventually be fine, I'm now starting to wonder why I still think so.

The Yanks, after scoring just five runs in three games at Coors Field to get swept by the Rockies, are right back at .500. Just can't stay away, can they? They're playing the Giants next, and at this point I'm just hoping for the moral victory of not allowing a home run to Barry Bonds: he's gonna get there, but it would be nice if he did so without help from the Yankee pitching staff. Even this may be too much to ask from Kei Igawa, though, making his non-triumphant return to the rotation tomorrow.

In other news, Jason Giambi caved somewhat to Bud Selig's bullying, and agreed to meet with the Mitchell Committee -- though it sounds like all his answers will be carefully scripted by lawyers, and he's not talking about anyone else's drug use, only his own. Which... we all already knew about. Three years ago. My, isn't this a satisfying blow for truth and justice!

Selig again left open the possibility of punishment.

"I will take Mr. Giambi's level of cooperation into account in determining appropriate further action," he said.

Translation: "I reserve the right to try and suspend Giambi even though the chances of such disciplinary action standing up in court, after the inevitable challenge from the player's union, are roughly equivalent to the chances of my scoring a hat trick in a hockey game played at Hell Arena." Inspirational leadership, that, especially since Giambi's probably out for the year anyway with his foot injury. Ugh! This whole episode is like three separate empty gestures wrapped up in one.

Finally, I realize I'm a bit late on this one, but American Jewish Life Magazine makes the argument that all American Jews should root for the Boston Red Sox (via Deadspin).

I plan to refute this claim while eating a cheeseburger at work on Saturday.


Al said...

Oy Vey!

Will Red Sox Nation ever stop kvetching?

Nation, Shilling is a putz and meshugana.

I better log off, I’m feeling ferklempt.

Bonus coverage: Selig says Giambino to bare all

Henry Hill said...

Wow - that article in American Jewish life is, as my late friend Morrie would say, meshugana! All I can say is, the author is a funny guy.

So let me get this straight: because Sandy Koufax, who pitched for the Brooklyn and then L.A. Dodgers, refused to play on Yom Kippur in Minnesota, Jews should hate the Yankees and root for the Red Sox. Forgive me but I AM MISSING SOMETHING HERE. I mean, it might be a good reason to root for the Dodgers, or even the Brooklyn Cyclones, but wtf does it have to do with the Yankees or Red Sox?

Jews should root for the Yankees over the Red Sox because the colors of their uniform look more like the Israeli flag, and that's all there is to it.