March 31, 2008

Blue Balls

Just got back from Yankee Stadium, where they mysteriously decided to cancel the game just as it completely stopped raining. Shut up, radar! They'll try it again tomorrow -- but at night, much to the relief of the majority of fans, who'd had to take off from work or school.

I knew the new Stadium had come a long way since September, but it was still a shock to see it there, all... well, Stadium-like. I've gotta say, it looks great. I don't think they needed a new building, I hate what's going to happen to prices, and I hate losing all that history on the field... but there's no doubt the new Stadium's exterior is a vast improvement and, having just spent two hours huddled in a cold, wet, jam-packed and filthy bleacher concourse, the idea of a clean and roomy and better-designed structure does hold a certain appeal. I don't even want to think about what was dripping on me all afternoon.

I know by the end of the year -- probably by June -- I'll be sick of the "Last Ever X, Y, or Z in the Old Stadium" fanfare; there's only so long I can keep up that level of nostalgia and sentimentality before it starts to get cloying. ("Sniff, this will be my last time paying $9 for a beer before the New Stadium opens and it goes up to $11!"). Tomorrow night, though, I'm just going to wallow.

Anyway, at least they called the game in time for me to get home and watch Johan Santana's Mets debut, so life's still looking pretty good. Happy Opening Day, everybody.


Al said...

Good Shyte, Grrl.

Isn't the new stadium supposed to be a nice, if not big, money maker: club seating, luxury boxes, plus an to excuse to new-jack box seat holders?

Oh, Happy Opening Day, to you too.

JL25and3 said...

Emma, they've solved the problem of waiting in the concourse by ensuring that neither you nor I will ever be able to get tickets.

My seats for yesterday were terrific (same seats for tonight, obviously) - upper boxes, row F, just inside third base. In the new Stadium, those seats will be a mile from the action.