March 25, 2008

Nothing Ever Changes, Part LXXXVII

The Yankees have announced that they will celebrate the final year of Yankee Stadium by putting a "special patch" on their uniforms.

Once again, I quote the one and only Bill Veeck: "It happened that 1951 was the Fiftieth Anniversary of the American League, an event the league was celebrating with its usual burst of inspiration by sewing special emblems on the uniforms of all the players."

This clearly remains baseball's go-to promotional tactic. I'm not suggesting the Yankees should actually emulate Veeck by sending a little person to the plate... but surely there's some middle ground here.

Meanwhile, real baseball has finally started, and I've got a post about it up at the Banter.


yfib said...

does billy crystal count as a "little person"?

Will said...

Perhaps George and Hank can team up for Disco Demolition Night at the stadium like Bill and Mike Veeck did.

Bill Veeck said...

could be worse, at least it's not nicotine patches or BALCO PED patch.