June 18, 2008

Now THIS is the Kind of Thing You Should Try to Announce at 3:15 AM

Kill me now.

You know, there are so many possibilities with a new Stadium -- it's a fresh slate, and a huge opportunity. So why would you squander that on a boring, overpriced, characterless and omnipresent chain like the Hard Rock Cafe?

“Adding popular and premier dining options such as the Hard Rock Cafe and NYY Steak was done with our fans in mind,” said Yankees Chief Operating Officer Lonn Trost.
I'm so sure. Do you ever get the feeling that when Lonn Trost pictures "fans" in his mind, it's as thousands of little walking dollar bills with arms and legs? (Wearing officially licensed Yankees gear, natch).

You know, the more I find out about the new Stadium, the grouchier I get...


Will said...

The Hard Rock is still in business?

Jason said...

Worst. Dining Decision. Ever.

Seriously, the Hard Rock? if you're gonna run a chain out there, make it at least a good one like Houston's.

Geez, why not add an Applebee's and a TGIFriday's and we can just put a Linens N Things in the bullpen and call it a 'middle america shopping mall'


Marc said...

I heard they are replacing the new Momument Park with a Home Depot.

Emma said...

"The Lou Gehrig Memorial is sponsored by AFLAC. AFLAC: ask about it at work."