June 30, 2008

Crosstown Traffic

Okay... I leave town for a few days and all hell breaks loose. A-Rod and Madonna?

(Actually, that OK! story sounds like total bullshit, and I hate myself a little for even linking to it. But a couple of years ago, when the A-Rod hysteria was at its height, I swore I wouldn't write about him again unless he met some extremely unlikely criteria, one of which was having an affair with someone totally insane and unexpected... and while Madonna isn't my Grandpa Murray or anything, I do think this qualifies. Or, you know, would, if it were true).

Anyway. I'm in upstate New York for a few weeks, visiting my dad, who has recently purchased a hi-def TV that pretty much left me drooling with envy. I only got here in time for the last couple innings of tonight's Yanks game (because the traffic leaving the city today was un-fucking-real -- I mean I literally could have driven from New Haven to Providence and stopped for dinner in the time it took me to get from Flatbush Avenue to the Thruway), but man, baseball looks gorgeous on that screen. It's not so much the sharpness, but the depth perception; you can really see movement on the individual pitches in a way that I generally can't on my own elderly TV. I suppose it helped me be a bit more understanding of the fact that, for the third day in a row, the Yankees couldn't actually hit any of those pitches.

From what I could make out through the deafening static -- my dad's place is really too far for me to get the games on the radio, but this never stops me from leaving the station on so that once in a while when the car crests a hill I can make out something like "...six straight balls thrown by John Maine!" -- the Mets lost, too. If the Phillies and Red Sox (... fine, and Rays) had gone on major runs earlier in the year, this could've been one hell of a depressing baseball season in New York. And of course it still might be, but so far? Mostly it's just bewildering.

Anyway, it's late and I'm still recovering from road rage, so I better call it a night and stop A) wondering why the Yankees can't do any damage against one of the worst pitching staffs in the league, and B) remembering how much I dislike the Cardinals.

Oh -- and I had a couple of posts on the Banter last week which I forgot to link to here.


unmoderated said...

I apologize if it gets too rainy here in upstate. It has been a strange summer, weather-wise.

At least there are a bunch of minor league venues to check out.

My hometown O-Tigers (Low-A) have a 6'6" righty you should know about: Sean Finefrock.

Ron Rollins said...

I love the Cardinals. The greatest franchise in the history of the National League. Go Cards!!!!

Ray said...

Figures. The one time all year I'm at Shea? YOU're upstate.

Ah well. If you wind up at tomorrow night's Santana performance, look for the guy in the blue FAFIF t-shirt in mezzanine section 12. That won't be me. I'll be next to him, though.

Emma said...

Ray, I'm sorry I missed you! Still in the wilds of upstate.

Unmoderated, sounds like you're over near Cooperstown? I'm east of there -- maybe half an hour east of Saratoga. It HAS been rainy, but I accept your apology...