October 21, 2009

Banter, Bugs, and Further Animal Exploitation

So I wrote up last night's Yankee win at the Banter, and posted a little something about the umpiring shenanigans at Bugs & Cranks.

Meanwhile, following yesterday's successful debut of Pearl as the official Eephus Pitch mascot, I give you my dog's reaction to the blown fifth-inning call at third:

Yes, Pearl wants instant replay in the playoffs. Instant replay, and maybe a peanut butter treat.


Karen said...

Pearl had better keep watching. We need her. My daughter Julia said Mark texeira's name last night just before he got his single. So when ARod got up, my son and I had her say his name, and he got his home run. So later in the game, we had her say Johnny Damon, and he got his home run. After that we stopped, saving her mojo for game 5. You're welcome...

unmoderated said...

yes, save it. mojo is precious.

Anonymous said...

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