October 12, 2009

What is "One of the More Surreal Experiences of My Life, Alex?"

So in the end, my anxiety about the ALDS was largely unfounded - except for Carl Pavano's ace performance; did I call that or what? My recap of last night's Yankees win went up on the Banter this morning.

And since it worked so well last time, now I'm off to write about all the many ways the ALCS could turn into a total disaster for New York.

Meanwhile, weirdly enough, I'm supposed to be on "Jeopardy!" tonight - I went out to LA for the taping back in August and it was a fun though deeply weird experience. I'm Tivo-ing the show, but as I hate even hearing my own voice on a tape recorder let alone watching myself on TV, I will probably go with the Phils-Rockies game tonight instead.

And I'm not allowed to say how I did before it airs, but I can't let it go without just one preemptive note: I knew the Mickey Mantle question! I just couldn't buzz in in time, I swear!


Peter said...

Hey saw you on Jeopardy...sorry for the tough loss. Your book grabbed my interest! I'll be looking out for it.

Julian said...

Emma, you were sick awesome.

Trebek was right, though -- you really should've devoted an entire essay in your book to the price of food sold in sports stadiums.

Emma said...

Peter, thanks!

Julian - yes, I considered having my grandfather contribute a chapter: "$4.95 For a Hot Dog, What Do They Think, I'm Made of Money?"

Anonymous said...

Emma, I wish I could see the Jeopardy clip, but when I click on it, all I get is a JPEG, not the video.

Tony said...

Saw you on Jeopardy! Congrats on getting on there.. I was interested in looking you up because I'm a big baseball fan too. I'll see if they have your book in Canada.

Payton said...

Sweet Emma. I will certainly be buying the book next year. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

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