October 19, 2009

The Final Word on My Jeopardy! Appearance:

As usual, Weird Al says it best. (Yes: from T.S. Eliot to Weird Al in less than 24 hours. Liberal arts education, ladies and gentlemen. "Let us go then, you and I,/ When the evening is spread out against the sky/ Like a patient etherised upon a table; We been spending most our lives living in an Amish paradise.")

Bonus Weird Al video:


unmoderated said...

it must be a total mindbender seeing youtube videos of yourself on jeopardy. i only internet-know you, and it's strange.

Emma said...

Wait... there are YouTube videos?! Eep. Yes, it's quite odd.

Anonymous said...

Has Jeopardy! contacted you at all about being on the show with someone who was disqualified? It turns out one of your competitors had previously appeared on the show (in direct violation of the rules) and lied about it on his application.

I think you should protest and see if you can get back on the show.

Anonymous said...

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