August 18, 2007

Back in the New York Groove (Again)

View from Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world... for at least a few more months.

So, I'm back -- still a little fuzzy from jetlag, because that is seriously one hell of a plane ride, but back. Taipei's a really interesting place... and also: typhoons!

The two questions I was asked most often in Taiwan, neither of which I could satisfactorily answer:
  1. Why did America re-elect George Bush?
  2. Why is Kyle Farnsworth still on the Yankees?
Seeing as how I was sort of by default representing my country, I started to feel personally responsible.

Anyway, I'm now off to upstate NY for a day to retrieve my dog, but three quick notes to get my feet wet again:


-Random line from the Mets broadcast last night which I found inexplicably funny: "You can be patient with Chico." Anyway, nice bounce-back win for the Mets, after one of the most excruciating losses of the season Thursday night. Sweet defense, too, especially from Reyes and Castillo.

-It's Angels-vs.-Red Sox time again.

Hwahsi Night Market

Sinon Bulls vs. Brother Elephants at Tienmu Stadium


Jan said...

Welcome back. And thanks for your simple but pitch perfect honoring of Dean on the Banter.

RollingWave said...

LOL on the two questions ;)

to be fair though, relievers a a violital lot with the few rare exceptions, if Krazy Kyle figured out something before this season is out, he's still a very scary guy to have comming out of the bullpen.

the Yankees don't really lose much for having him pitching junk innings and there's a chance he could be awsome like in 05, and trading him for Bob Wickman AND paying the doe is hardly a "upgrade"

slowly and surely, Brian Cashman is making all of us look foolish.

Julian said...

Emma! Welcome back! Time to drink beer! (And show us in person the pictures you can't post on the Internet!)