August 25, 2007

Quick, Kids, Head to eBay

First of all, to update the MLB-licensed, gang-colored/themed baseball hat story mentioned with disbelief in the previous post: the hats are, not surprisingly, being pulled from stores. (Thanks to Ben from RAB for the link). Also,
New Era said it would increase its efforts to ensure it had a better working knowledge of gang symbols, names and locations.
Yep: it's gonna be really interesting being a New Era intern this fall.

Second... I just finished watching the Yankees-Tigers game, which started at 11 PM and ended around 3:30 AM with a Carlos Guillen walk-off home run in the 11th inning. This puts the Yanks 6.5 games behind the Red Sox, who predictably destroyed the White Sox in a doubleheader -- and, more to the point, four games behind Seattle in the loss column for the Wild Card. This is their second heartbreaking extra-innings loss in the last week, both of them off of poor Sean Henn, who was teary after the Angels game and cannot be much happier tonight. And that was actually a pretty decent pitch he threw to Guillen, too, down and in, not that it matters much.

No, the Yankees' season is not over... but it is really, really close to being over.


Ray said...

I'm happy to say the Met versions of these are far tamer.

And since one friend today mistook (mis-Tookie?) them for the real thing, I'd better come out and admit to the total fakery of these.

andrews said...

"but it is really, really close to being over."

Tongue-in-cheek, I hope. A quick glance at Seattle's schedule from here on out makes me believe that the yanks season is far from over... though, sadly, the division race looks to be :(

Emma said...

Andrews, not tongue in cheek, but maybe it came out a bit grimmer than I meant it. They're still very much in the Wild Card race -- my point is just that if they slip even two or three games farther back, THEN they'll be more or less cooked. They can't afford to have a bad week.

And Ray... nicely done.