August 21, 2007

Baseball Player Name of the Week

From the Brevard County Manatees, recently defeated 4-3 by Pedro Martinez and the St. Lucie Mets:

Pitcher Josh Wahpepah.

(photo from

By the way, the Manatees are currently being terrorized by a "Pie Assassin" ("Millions live in fear!"):

Bystanders recoiled in fear that maybe it was a pie-terrorist attack. A threatening note found this morning stated that a new victim will be selected every home game for the remainder of the season, unless the alligator that slipped into the stadium this past week and led away in handcuffs is granted an unconditional pardon by the governor and given two seats for the playoff games...

..."It's just sick that you can't sit and watch a baseball game in peace without worrying about some crack-pot taking out his pie-ro-manical tendencies on us common folks," stated Manatees GM Buck Rogers. "We must catch this nut-job before he strikes again!" The voice of the Manatees, Kirk Aigus, was heard muttering on the air, "Oh, the Hugh Manatee!"
God I love minor league baseball.

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