August 20, 2007

Conine the Barbarian

I have a recap of last night's Yankee fiasco up at the Banter.

Over in MetsWorld... not all of Omar Minaya's moves have worked out, but I think it's safe to say the good has outweighed the bad by a solid margin. So I'm generally willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But Jeff Conine? What, did they feel the team's median age was getting too low with the departure of Julio Franco?

To be fair, I guess they needed a right-handed bat and had limited options; add Damion Easley's ankle to the list of gruesome baseball injuries of recent years. I really, really didn't need to see that in Hi-Def.

In better news: Endy Chavez is coming! Hide your women and children!

Also: Johan Santana, in case you were wondering, is still mind-bogglingly awesome. Mets, Yankees, I don't care, I just want him in New York so I can see him pitch every fifth day. Whatever it takes -- trade Phil Hughes, or Phil Humber, or a kidney, or Derek Jeter's firstborn. Anything. Worth it.

Finally: it's a good thing the Yanks have some good young pitchers coming up, because according to Buster Olney the best free agent pitchers this offseason will be: Livan Hernandez, Jeff Weaver, and Curt Schilling. Um. The Mets need to cross their fingers that Pedro comes back healthy and Mike Pelfrey figures things out, or Humber advances fast; I can handle Livan Hernandez, but I have already seen too much of Schilling and Weaver for one lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Hey guy,

How about not linking to something that is behind a pay wall? Also, doesn't Pettitte have a player option? And Clemens is also a free agent, after not being able to retire for the past three years?

Emma said...

Hey, sorry about the pay wall... I'm not going to stop linking to Olney, because he's good (and pretty much the only reason I have ESPN Insider to begin with), but I should have warned everyone -- I will next time.

You're right, Clemens is a free agent. But even he has to stop sometime, right? Pettitte also thought about retiring this year, or so he said, so I'm not sure if he'll be back; and Mussina's been increasingly ineffective.

Probably a lot depends on what happens the rest of this season... I just found the thought of Jeff Weaver as a prized free agent too chilling to ignore.