August 31, 2007

What Kind of Wine Has Tim McGraw Been Drinking?

I don't really have time now to talk about the Yanks game in detail, but there is no shortage of discussion going on elsewhere. I can't decide: was Joba Chamberlain throwing at Kevin Youkilis? I hope not, because it’s too dangerous at that height -- plunk the guy in the thigh if you really feel you must, but don’t risk missing up by his head, not when you throw that hard -- and, unless something happened during this game that's not public knowledge, it was pretty much unprovoked. (Yes, A-Rod got plunked Tuesday, but Clemens then hit Pedroia Wednesday, so that should be that.) It's very odd to totally lose control of two pitches in the same spot like that; at least, I can’t remember seeing it happen quite like that before.

On the other hand, Chamberlain’s demeanor suggested it was an accident -- he looked really confused and surprised and kind of awkward when he got tossed from the game, and in his interviews afterwards seemed genuinely worried that people would get the wrong idea. So, in sum: I have no idea what the hell happened there.

Either way, though, I can understand why the Sox were pissed, because even if it wasn't on purpose it was a bit too close for comfort. (I know, it wasn't that close, but if someone fired a 98 mph fastball eight inches or nine inches away from my head, I think it would feel pretty damn close to me).

Also, while I continue to be massively impressed by Chamberlain’s pitching, at least when he’s not trying to crush opponents’ skulls, I have to say I’m extremely disappointed in his choice of entrance music. “Indian Outlaw” by Tim McGraw? Seriously? Joba, you are way too cool for this nightmare of a song. Sample lyrics:

“All my friends call me Bear Claw
The village chieftain is my paw-paw
He gets his orders from my maw-maw
She makes him walk the line

You can find me in my wigwam
I'll be beatin' on my tom-tom
Pull out the pipe and smoke you some
Hey and pass it around

'Cause I'm an Indian outlaw
Half Cherokee and Choctaw
My baby she's a Chippewa
She's one of a kind

I ain't lookin' for trouble
We can ride my pony double
Make your little heart bubble
Lord, like a glass of wine...”

Cringe. And also: What?

For the love of god, somebody help this kid pick out a decent metal track.


UPDATE: great "Who, me?" photo of Chamberlain from the Daily News. You decide:


Anonymous said...

Mo didn't pick his theme music, so perhaps Joba wasn't being his own DJ?

unmoderated said...

he used it in the minors as well. a nod to his native american heritage, one would think. if i were NA, i would want someone besides mcgraw speaking for me, even if its just a song.

hell, what do i know. mcgraw might be part mohawk for all i know,

unmoderated said...

ok, a few things.

1. McGraw is of Italian-Irish descent on his mother's side and Scots-Irish descent on his father's side. (from wikipedia)

2. Joba's new song:

"The Navajo Know" (Pixies)
Upon construction
there is the mohawk
his way of walking
quite high above the ground
fearless of looking down
some people say that
the navajo know
a way of walking
quite high above the ground
fearless of looking down
oh no.

3. i love the idea of entrance music in general, and it seems like only a handful really take advantage of it.

check out this list.

so many repeats. be original, guys!

way, way too much 'nu metal'

Ryan Freel, Cincinnati Reds: "Tom's Diner", Suzanne Vega

dont get me wrong, i own her 99.9 album, but...

the undisputed winner for all time is cliff floyd: "Theme from Sanford and Son."

Emma said...

Yes, he even used it at Nebraska. Unmoderated, I agree that even if you're set on picking a Native American-themed song, you could do a lot better.

The Stones, the Doors, Joan Jett, Pedro the Lion and Elton John all have songs with "Indian" in the name, but none of them are exactly right for a dramatic entrance. That Pixies song wouldn't be a bad choice, though it's a little subdued for a wildly popular fireballer.

I love entrance music too, and I have an ever-changing list of perfect at-bat songs. Cliff Floyd is awesome beyond words... and, well, at least Ryan Freel isn't afraid to be different...

Ray said...

Here on the extreme Upper West Side, we know a side of Tim not well-known in other places. Back in 2000, he and Kenny Chesney were at a gig up here, and after Chesney tried riding off on one of the Sheriff's Department's mounted patrol horses, McGraw was one of two other men charged with assault in the melee following the incident.

McGraw took the case to trial in East Buttcheek Town Court and was acquitted. My fondest memory of the incident was that, on the day of the trial, whether by coincidence or not, his father Tug came to town to sign autographs at the local AAA affiliate's game. I got the original #45's signature on my 1973 yearbook that night, and it is perhaps my most cherished Met possession now.

Now if Tim had punched out the horse like Mongo did, I might have had an issue with it;)

Derek said...

Is it entirely too obvious that Joba's entrance music should be Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills?"

Emma said...

Derek, brilliant.

Crusty Old Fart said...

"For the love of god, somebody help this kid pick out a decent metal track."

Therein lies the problem - there aren't any...

Devine said...

Ah, crusty old much you miss out on some fun music.

Motorhead, Megadeth, Metallica...I don't like all of it, but some of it is totally good music.

Still, when I get crusty and old, I'm sure I won't like the modern junk those dag-blasted kids are spouting.