February 18, 2008

Baseball Player Name of the Week

Brooks Badeaux.

Well he looks full of joie de vivre, doesn't he? Perhaps it's because his Durham Bulls are a Tampa Bay Devil Rays* affiliate. Anyway, in addition to sounding like a suave B-movie villain, or perhaps a minor Walker Percy character, Badeaux seems to have played every position except catcher. He's been to spring training with Tampa three times over the years but only received a grand total of four at-bats there, which must be a bit frustrating.

*Yes, I know, it's the "Tampa Bay Rays" now. But I find the entire name change so inane, I refuse to go along with it. In fact, every time I even type "Tampa Bay" from now on, just so you know, I will be making a devil sign.


JL25and3 said...

I'm with you on the Devil Rays, Emma. That was a pretty dumbass name to begin with, but at least that malevolent edge made them sound like someone you wouldn't want to fuck with. The team fell laughably short of that, but at least the name was a little tough.

But the Rays? Wtf? It conjures up absolutely nothing.

No wonder Badeaux looks so morose. He's 31, with 10 years as a D-Ray farmhand, and it's been clear for a long time that he's just not good enough for the majors. Not even with the D-Rays - and that must be pretty dispiriting. By now, I hope he's got his sights on a coaching job.

Peter said...

I agree with both of you about the Devil Rays. Just try saying "the Tampa Bay Rays" - it sounds like some fictional team created for a sitcom or video game.
I'm also disappointed in their new uniforms. Their old green wasn't the best looking uniform, but it had character. Now they just look like the Royals.