February 04, 2008

One "S" Short of a Marketing Sensation

I've never been much of a football fan, but last night's game might just make me into one.

I refer of course to Puppy Bowl IV.

Kidding! I'll probably go right back to ignoring football next year, but this Super Bowl was amazing, a ton of fun to watch. I didn't think the Giants had a prayer, but I was glad to be wrong, and Brooklyn was in a very happy place last night (and a very hungover place this morning). I walked the dog when I got home, and we couldn't go 50 feet without an exuberant Giants fan stopping to pet her and, oddly, congratulate her on the win. "18-1!" was ringing out late into the night, or, more often, "18-1, MOTHERFUCKERS!" You gotta admit, Boston had it coming. I still believe to this day that I personally jinxed the Yankees out of their 2004 American League Championship, so I know whereof I speak.

In baseball news... well, now we know why Don Mattingly had to reduce his role on the Dodgers' coaching staff. If you'd had to guess which player might find himself in that situation, wouldn't the eternally buttoned-up Mattingly have been just about your last choice? Anyway, this is one of those stories that I really don't want to follow too closely -- it's hard to see how it's any of my business.

Finally, via RAB I see that the Yanks have "expressed interest" in Kevin Mench. Yes! Finally! I've been saying for years (literally) that anyone named Mench, spelling aside, belongs in New York. It's taken them long enough.

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