February 25, 2008

Baseball Player Name of the Week

Cleveland Indians minor leaguer Cirilo Cumberbatch.

It's reminiscent of ex-Oneonta Yankee Abdiel Cumberbatch -- WasWatching first noticed that gem -- which is what I plan on naming my first child one day, regardless of gender.

Meanwhile, previous NotW winner Cody Ransom continues to compete for an exceedingly unlikely spot on the Yankees' roster. And my guy Denard Span, of the Twins, is facing stiff competition for Minnesota's center field spot since the arrival of equally fast and similarly light-hitting former Met Carlos Gomez. But he's not going down without a fight, and clearly I have no choice but to root for him, because I totally want to buy an official "Span" t-shirt.


Ray said...

If Denard gets sent to the Rochester Red Wings, I know the daughter of the retired club CEO, and if they're not selling his jersey, they will be.

Emma said...

Sweet! I'll totally order a "Span" Red Wings jersey. Hopefully Denard gets himself a cool number.

JL25and3 said...

Cody Ransom is great...but Emma, I'm really excited about this kid: http://tinyurl.com/ywzuxm.

It warms my heart to see prospects like that coming up.