August 04, 2006

Alas, Poor Bubba! I Knew Him, Melky...

... a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fielding skills. Yes, Bubba Crosby was designated for assignment today to make room for a 12th pitcher, Jose Veras. I feel bad for the guy. God knows he couldn’t hit, but he made some sweet plays, seemed like a nice person, and provided great tabloid headline fodder... “Hubba Bubba” and “Bubba-licious” come to mind. I would have sent down Andy Phillips or Nick Green first -- every team should have one scrappy little fast guy who can’t hit (two words: Dave Roberts*).

Corey Lidle had a terrific Yankees debut yesterday. I was getting pretty excited about that, before a helpful Mets fan at work pointed out that Sir Sidney Ponson’s debut a few weeks ago was pretty excellent too, as was Al Leiter’s last year. Okay, okay: small sample size.

Meanwhile, Derek Jeter is hitting .352. If he keeps this up, I hope he releases a new cologne every year. Also, I’m SO buying that for someone as a joke this Christmas.

*Okay, so I just looked it up and Roberts isn't really that bad a hitter. But I won't remember him for his batting, that's for sure.

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jerseygirl said...

Yo, Driven by Derek Jeter is no joke. It's a blend of chilled (not room temperature) grapefruit, oak moss and spice!