April 25, 2007

Could I Possibly Love Endy Chavez Any More?

Answer: not really, no. The Catch last fall was obviously awesome, but in a smaller way, his game-winning, walk-off drag bunt tonight in the 12th inning of the Mets-Rockies game was just as cool. Don't think I won't be there July 13th to pick up my free Endy Chavez bobblehead. (Also, if you follow that link you'll find that Paul Lo Duca's upcoming bobblehead will be sponsored by "Gold's Horseradish," which is fabulous).

Anyway, it was a good, taught game all around. I was at Shea with my friend Chris, who snagged free last-minute tickets. El Duque was awesome, confusing the hell out of the Rockies hitters, though sadly, unlike in his last start, I don't believe he threw an eephus. In the bottom of the 10th, with the Mets trailing 1-0 thanks to a slightly-too-exciting outing from Billy Wagner, pinch-hitter Damion Easley came up with two outs, batting .100 so far this season. The count quickly went to 0-2.

Chris: Oh well. It's tough to come into the game cold, and face a guy with this kind of delivery.
Me: Yeah, especially if you're Damion Easley.
Damion Easley: (400 foot home run)
Everyone: Whhhhhooooooooooooooo!
Chris: We called it.
Me: Knew it all along.

I'll take a walk-off two-out drag-bunt over a walk-off two-out homer any day, though. I'm sure it's been done many times, but I can't recall ever seeing it before (Hell will freeze over, thaw, and freeze again before you ever see a Yankee try it). Chavez's bunt was well-conceived, unexpected -- by the Rockies' defense especially -- and perfectly executed. Judging by the look on Willie Randolph's face, and the huge, long hug he gave Chavez afterwards, I don't think even he saw that one coming. Everything's clicking for the Mets right now, even on a night when their offense was almost totally stifled; the winning run came on a walk, a bunt, a balk, a walk, and a bunt hit. Now that's what I call National League baseball.


Anonymous said...

He threw an eephus.

Emma said...

Sweet! Guess I must have missed it... stupid Shea and its 15-minute concession lines.