April 17, 2007

"Team's Real Hot, Stand Up Proud/ Do The Wave, Shout It Loud!

Wait a minute. I'm confused. I was told the Phillies were going to be a really good team this year... wasn't I? I'm sure I was. In fact, I believe a number of Phillies told me so themselves.

Okay, okay, it's early. I don't really doubt that the Phillies will get their act together and play well this year. But man, they looked awful tonight -- no effort or concentration in the second half of the game whatsoever, even though they were only down by four runs at the time. The Mets announcers had a cheerful little discussion that began, "this is the kind of game that gets managers fired." The Mets looked good, but the Phillies helped them out. Tom Glavine couldn't find his control, probably because it's fucking freezing outside, again, but got great defense and thoughtfully pitched out of trouble. "Crafty little devil," said Ron Darling, admiringly. Moises Alou had two very serious home runs to left, without batting gloves no less (because batting gloves in 35-degree weather are for the weak and puny, apparently), and my arch-nemesis Geoff Geary gave up two hits and a run. Mwa ha ha!

Meanwhile: I may have posted this before, but please, please follow this link to the memorable rap Let's Get Metsmerized!, as performed -- er, "performed" by members of the 1986 Mets. My personal favorite lyric: "When they want a batter filled with terror/ They call on me, Rick Aguilera!" I promise you will not be sorry. (No promises about your ears not bleeding, though).


The Loop Fairy said...

kevin mitchell has some real style.

Emma said...

Yes. Tim Teufel, however, does not.