April 17, 2007

Too Many "Wright" Puns... Cannot Compute...

It’s been a tough few weeks for New York baseball – with all the rainouts and off-days, neither team has been able to get much of a rhythm going. But hey, at least it’s stopped raining. Tonight the Yankees, or some of them anyway, take on the Indians, who should theoretically be a tough team this year. The Mets are out of town for a rematch with the Phillies, which means Tom Glavine will get to deal with another chilly, damp night. With just 292 fewer career victories, so will the Yanks’ Chase Wright, in his first-ever major league game.

Wright seems like an odd choice at first glance. He’s already on the 40-man roster, which I suppose gave him a leg up, and he had a solid spring and an excellent first two starts at AA Trenton. But the key word there is “AA”. He’s never played above it.

Then again, look at the Mets’ Joe Smith, who never even got to AA before making the team out of spring training: he was in college less than a year ago, and so far he’s pitched seven innings in relief with an ERA of 0.0. So maybe experience isn’t everything. I will say this much for the kid, he's got an awesome baseball name. "Chase Wright"! Suck on that, Phil Hughes.

Here’s the plan for tonight: Mets at 7. NY Rangers playoff game during commercial breaks. Yankees Rewind at 11:30. Bring it.

Finally, I know it’s not baseball but I had to get this off my chest: How, how did I not know that Tim Duncan plays Dungeons and Dragons? Seriously, why didn’t anybody tell me?


Benjamin Kabak said...

He sure was the Wright choice tonight.
His stuff was Wright on target. (Well, not really.)
Yanks Wright their winning ways.
A-rod looks Wright in Yanks win.

Ok I should stop that now.

Emma said...

-Wright Stuff
-Wright Away
-Wrighting Wrongs
-If Loving Wright is Wrong, I Don't want to be Right
-Wright Said Joe
-Far Wright
-Wright Answer
-Right Place, Wright Time!

...send help...

Al said...

The Wright House.


Wright Of Way (yes, too close to wright away)

Wrighting The Ship

Wright NOW!

Wright Turn

All da Wright Moves

but I tell ya, finding the Wright words were far better than 'da Post and News Chasing the wrong puns.

Really, "cut to the chase" and "the chase is on" was hackneyed!! (nose turned up)