April 02, 2007

Finally!: Mets 6, Cardinals 1

Opening day seemed to take longer than usual to arrive this year, didn't it? One game into the season, and I feel better already.

I don’t know if this was really a big win for the Mets’ mental state, but it was certainly key for the health and well-being of their fans. This was more or less how everything was supposed to work out last fall, before Jeffs Weaver and Suppan were body-snatched and replaced by more talented alien look-alikes. Tom Glavine was eminently ace-like, again, for the win (291 down); the Mets' offense bludgeoned forme Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter; and the defense was excellent all around, with Jose Valentin and Reyes repeatedly saving the day. The game was more fraught than the final score indicates, though with a number of near-rallies -- but, fortunately for the Mets, also a number of double plays.

It should probably be noted that this Cards team featured Preston Wilson batting second (why?) and Yadier bleeping Molina batting fifth (WHY?! OBP last year:.274! SLG: .321!). However, in the interests of extending spring optimism, I see no need to dwell on that information.

Of course, like the man says, every rose has its thorn, and if you want to watch baseball you must accept the ESPN commentators that come with it. "You know I don't get carried away with statistics," dr awled Joe Morgan early in the game, when he and partner Jon Miller failed to comprehend a chart involving that most cutting-edge and complex of stats, the walk. We know, Joe, we know. On the plus side, Joe and I agree on something for the first time in quite a while, namely, Jose Reyes’ awesomeness.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Yankee Stadium for the Bronx home opener. I’ll post in the evening when I get home... unless, of course, I’m delayed by Pavano-inspired mob violence.

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