July 25, 2006

Come on, Kenny, She's Asking For It!

Harold Reynolds of “Baseball Tonight” has been fired by ESPN, and according to Deadspin, rumor has it this is because of sexual harassment. If true, that's a turn of events I could only describe as "unsurprising," but compared to some of his co-hosts, Reynolds really wasn’t that bad. Damn it, why couldn’t Steve Phillips have groped a PA?

And speaking of commentators you wish would be fired for bothering the interns: over the last few days, I’ve been meaning to try to put into words some of the many things that annoy me about the observations of the YES Network’s Ken Singleton. But when it came time to watch the games and find specific examples of his inanity, I discovered a funny thing: I don’t hear Ken Singleton’s voice anymore.

There are many irritating sounds I deal with so frequently that I simply tune them out: cars on the street below my window, the elevator down the hall, the fan whirring by my bed. And now, apparently, Ken Singleton’s babbling. Oh sure, when I really try, I can hear him expounding on his idyllic playing days under that colorful character Earl Weaver--but if I don’t focus, he and Bobby Murcer might as well be calling the game with dog whistles. Neat little trick my brain cells must have picked up in order to save themselves from a slow and painful death.

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