July 15, 2006

That's a Good One, But it's No "Deuce Bigalow"

Things were starting to look fairly discouraging for the Yankees before the break, but in just a couple of games the momentum seems to have shifted. For two days, anyway, the team’s been playing very well while the Red Sox have finally stumbled, and it’s suddenly anyone’s division again. Nice relaxing blowouts like today's game have been in short supply this year - or maybe it only seems that way.

In other news: no need to worry about Ponson’s off-the-field peccadilloes, apparently, because as he says in today’s Times, “I’m getting help from professionals and stuff.”

And speaking of eloquent pitchers, this week’s Sports Illustrated features questions with Jonathan Papelbon.

“Q: What is your favorite off-day activity?

A: Watching movies. Have you ever seen Joe Dirt? Great movie.”

I know the guy’s got great stuff, but If Yogi was right and 90% of the game is half mental, the Sox could be in a lot of trouble.

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