July 31, 2006

Hey Guys, I'm Home!... Did I Miss Anything?

Well, I just can’t leave Brian Cashman alone for a minute: I turn my back for one little three-day weekend and all hell breaks loose.

I haven’t seen a game since last Wednesday, as I was upstate visiting my father. As you could probably guess, my dad is a huge Yankees fan (this whole thing is really all his fault), but if there’s one thing that will pull him away from a baseball game or two, it’s the start of the racing season at Saratoga. The family that puts money on the horses together stays together. On a related note, I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Sun Shower, who kicked ass in the sixth on Saturday at 11:1, thereby enabling me to pay this month’s ConEd bill.

I’m wiped from the trip back to the city, sunburned, and doped up on all kinds of cold medicine, so insightful trade analysis is pretty much eluding me tonight. But the Bobby Abreu/Corey Lidle move certainly seems like a solid one. I just saw Theo Epstein at a press conference on ESPN looking so dispirited that I almost felt bad for him (he’s so pretty!), which has to be a good sign. I’m still not sure why the Yanks needed to add Craig Wilson too: It’s not like Shawn Chacon was doing anything productive, so it can hardly hurt, but when/if Sheffield and Matsui get back, there’s going to be a real cornucopia of corner outfielders. That's not such a bad problem to have, though, and I’m looking forward to scoping out the new kids during the game tomorrow.

On an unrelated note: when did the guys on Baseball Tonight start referring to home runs as “jimmy jacks”? And how can we make them stop?

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